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Classical Learning Resource Center offers online classes in:


Latin Caesar Latin ClassicalGreek Homer Classical Greek
Newton bust Mathematics shakespeare 2 edited Literature & Composition
hera ed 2 Mythology  bach 2 ed


CriticalThinking thethinker Critical Thinking  
Science Einstein


Welcome to the Classical Learning Resource Center

 Why Study The Classics? 


A classical education not only prepares students for the practical responsibilities of life, but also opens the door to a deeper understanding of humanity and faith. At the CLRC we share a vision for education as an act of love rooted deeply in the relationship between teacher and students and students with their peers.  We are convinced that education is a process of opening closed doors of the mind and heart.  Central to this process is to surround students with images of virtue, nobility, honor, purity, sacrifice, loyalty, and beauty.  As teachers we seek to do this through the literature, poetry, art, music, science, and theology that we study with our students. 

Pragmatic Reasons to study Greek and Latin:

  • Raises SAT scores

  • Teaches English vocabulary and grammar. More than 70% of English (and 95% of upper vocabulary) have Latin or Greek origins

  • Teaches discipline, precision and attention to detail

  • Teaches students to think well and systematically. Every lesson in Latin is a lesson in Logic

  • Makes the learning of all subsequent languages easier




Profound reasons to study Greek and Latin:

  • The ancient poets, historians, and philosophers portray powerful examples of compassion, nobility, honor, and purity

  • The classical literature available to us today is the very best.  Only those manuscripts deemed worthy to be laboriously hand copied over the centuries have been preserved to the modern day

  • These classical works provide the context for the modern world

  • Greek and Latin are the languages of the Christian Church

  • Greek and Latin are the languages of classical literature and grant students access to the full beauty and power of Homer, Plato, Vergil, Cicero...